Bare Back Studios – Anya Olsen Natural Harvest Extra Credit

Bare Back Studios – Anya Olsen Natural Harvest Extra Credit

Scene Two: Extra Credit

Anya Olsen Natural Harvest Extra Credit Hands off Is what Anya’s tee-shirt says. And after the other day with her father she fucking means it. She has no idea how she’s going to get all her homework done when her dad touches her neck. I’m trying to do my homework. Hands off! She screams. He pulls off her shirt and shorts softly whispering to her as she begs for him to stop.

With her face in her book he gets on top of her and fucks her. I’m going to tell mom and she’s going to fucking leave you She tells him. He pounds her into the couch harder. She looks at him with anger and disgust as he makes her cum. Is mom not good enough for you, you have to fuck your daughter too? She yells at him. He fucks her until he cream pies his little sweet girl and her pussy in cum. What did you do She asks him touching her cum filled pussy.

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