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Jessa Rhodes The Housemate
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[FuckingAwesome] Jessa Rhodes (The Housemate / 07.09.2018)
In The Housemate, Jessa had recently broken up with her live-in boyfriend. She found it tough no longer having a man in her life, and it was a real shock when she had to start looking for her own place. Jessa didn’t want to live in an apartment or with friends, but she got lucky when she found a room for rent at a beautiful house in the hills. She got even luckier with the good looking owner of the house, Seth Gamble. Jessa wanted to fuck her housemate badly but it had been weeks and he still hadn’t made a move, so she decides to take matters into her own hands. She walks up to Seth seductively as he sits on the couch and she drops her robe, revealing her incredible body in some sexy red lingerie. That was all it took for Seth to get the message and give Jessa the fuck she’s been craving.
Jessa Rhodes was born in Oregon on 29 June 1993.

Jessa is currently one of the most popular female stars in the industry with over 300k social media followers and AVN nominations in 2015, 2016 and 2017 for “Best Supporting Actress. She is known for her perfect little bod and passionate on-screen performances.

Jessa grew up in rural Oregon in a large family as the youngest of seven children. She was homeschooled until the 6th grade and was “very, very shy” growing up. In high-school she was an average kid who got good grades and was very into sports.

Jessa says she was a “serial dater” in high-school and that she was never single. She didn’t have a “type” but always seemed to find herself dating jocks and musicians. As her body developed and she became a cheerleader, Jessa began to notice that she could get guys to do stuff with just a smile.

Jessa lost her virginity when she was 15. She says she wasn’t in love with the guy or anything like that, she just wanted to experience sex for the first time. Unfortunately the guy’s dad walked in while the two of them were having sex and the guy and his dad then proceeded to have a huge argument in Spanish while Jessa scrambled around on the floor trying to find her clothes! After losing her virginity Jessa says she got into the party crowd and started having sex with heaps of guys, she estimates that she slept with around 19-20 guys before she got into the industry.

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